About Kauri

Wire art by Kauri is envisioned and created within the Canadian province of British Columbia.  I'm a precarious balancing act between academic and artist, writer at my core, with some dry humor around my edges that tends to get me odd (sometimes alarmed) looks. I think that we do not care for our world as gently as we should, nor do we cherish human (or any!) life as fiercely as we should. I believe a whole lot of other things too, but that's not for here and now.


And who are you?

I believe that every one of us has a special story, our life tale. Some stories are short. Some are novels. Some are a series of chronicles. Some feel more like dictionaries, and some more like poems. Regardless of our differences, each life has more value than we can put into words. We try to capture this value, in various means like art and song. There are particular symbols, characters, myths and folklore from generations past that weave together to help create the story of who you are. Perhaps you are already very aware of and in tune with your story.

I seek to depict a part of your story in my work. It may be the bond of family, of mother and child. It may be the meaning of your child's name. It may be your fierce love of nature, of your country, of a particular symbol or character. It may be something that makes you feel you belong, an image that helps you feel you are home, or something you prize from your career. There are so many layers to your story. Let's discover those and bring them to life.